Wednesday, August 20, 2008


I just back to my office from the CEO PEER GROUP and it was a great session. We had a wide range of business owners in attendance again this month. We had a range of technology firms in attendance: software developer, managed service provider, security software firm. We also had a travel firm who is very focused at the high-end area of the travel/leisure industry. One of our attendees runs a firm who specializes in transportation of materials in for a specific application and finally one of the attendees leads a growing firm focused on delivering complete audio,video and lighting to a broad range of performances and venues.

Having this type of diversity in the room really gave us a great depth of knowledge as we worked on specific issues in order to help each member take their business to the next level.

Our resource expert was Rhonda Sher of Two-Minute-Networker fame. Rhonda's fast paced lively discussion on the importance of developing systems and processes to insure the business development effort is a priority of the CEO! The group gave Rhonda high marks for the quality and content of her interactive discussion.

Visit her website at to learn more.

As we concluded our morning I realized how much knowledge and learning can happen when you have the right chemistry in the board room. Many of the members of the CEO PEER GROUP stayed well after the meeting ended in order to continue their converstations.

Our next CEO PEER GROUP meeting will be in September and if you are interested in attending, send me an email and I will contact you.

PS. My latest book will available the week of Sept. 1st.

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