Saturday, October 25, 2008

Are You Open To It?

I have found that many business owners and top executives are not aware of CEO PEER GROUPS as a tool for them to improve thier business performance.

In an earlier post I detailed that power of CEO PEERS on firms top and bottom line.

Even with compelling facts, strong case studies and very high member satisfaction scores (80% of the membership renew each year) there is still a lot of misunderstanding about the POWER OF CEO PEER GROUPS.

That is part of the reason I wrote CRITICAL MASS which has been called "the definitive guide to the subject of CEO PEER GROUPS". I have been gratified by the robust sales for CM at The reviewers have been very supportive of the quality of the content and writing style. It is my goal in life to expose as many people to the concept of CEO PEER GROUPS as I can because I believe in the transformative affects they have on their members.

I ask one question to the people I interview for possible membership in one of my CEO PEER GROUPS. It is a simple question.


What I am asking is are you willing to consider that CEO PEER GROUPS will help you improve you business performance?

I offer a 2-hour introduction to CEO PEER GROUPS each month on the 3rd Thursday. If you are interested contact me for an invitation or go to my Meetup and register.

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