Thursday, July 24, 2008

Great Content in the Inland Empire

I had the good fortune to attend Ron Penland's meeting where his CEO's and their executives were meeting for a 1/2 meeting.

The guest speaker was Jim Alampi, Managing Director of The CEO Advantage.

Jim spoke to the group about a concept he termed The CEO Tune-up.

He highlighted that there is a significant performance difference between Great to Good companies. Great companies have a 5X multiple in profit performance and 10X multiple in valuation. Those who have read Jim Collins GOOD TO GREAT already know this.

Jim helped the attendees see how to set up reliable processes around key activities to enable them to continue to grow their firms.

The executives really got a lot of value from the presentation and I would suggest you check out The Jim's website for more information.

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Jim Skyrms said...

I was just writing about Steven Levitt's post yesterday in which he raises some questions about the value of Good to Great because the companies as a group have underperformed the market since the book was released, and two--Fannie Mae and Circuit City--have lost nearly 80% of their value.

I think we both know that the real value of business advice--like that Jim Alampi covered in Ron's meeting--comes from how it's applied.

And, of course, the best way to figure out how good advice can best be applied to your company and your situation is to discuss it with other CEOs in a meeting.