Tuesday, July 22, 2008

July Meeting Update

Today I had the good fortune to facilitate a great group of 11 business owners. They came to meeting with diverse backgrounds and running very different businesses.

We always start the meeting by asking each member to state their goal(s) for attending the meeting. The overaching goal was to "learn from the speaker and the other attendees."

Our speaker was Tom Northup. Tom revealed some of the content of his latest book "The Five Hidden Mistakes CEO Make" The group gave Tom high marks for content. I would suggest you visit Amazon.com or similar and buy a copy of Tom's book.

Following a short break we engaged all the attendees to provide insight and advice to help two of the attendees who volunteered to have their issue discussed. I have a structured issue processing model I use to help facilitate the discussion and keep the team heading in a positive direction.

Both attendees who presented issues thought the exercise helped them focus on a few, actionable takeaway items.

The 3 hours seem to fly by and before we knew we had to wrap it up. Many stayed around for a while longer getting to know each other.

These meetings are by invitation and all attendees are interviewed by me prior to receiving an invitation.

I am really looking forward to our August event. I have invited author Rhonda Sher to discuss ideas for "non-traditional business development activities". This is response to a concern I hear from many of the businesses owners I meet with. Their concern is how to grow in a more challenging economy.

If you are interested feel free to contact me.

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