Thursday, August 28, 2008

THE 10 Explosive Powers of CEO PEER GROUPS

The 10 Explosive Powers of CEO PEER GROUPS book is here.

My book was published this week and will be available shortly on Amazon.

It is the definitive work on how transformative membership in a CEO PEER GROUP can be.

If you are the TOP EXECUTIVE at your firm, I urge you to read this book.

The early reviews have been outstanding for the quality of the content, the readabililty and the layout.

Every CEO, Business Owner, President or General Manager needs to READ THIS BOOK.


Eileen said...

Hi Ric

I think surrounding yourself with like minded, successful people is vital if you want to achieve. Negative energy we don't need!

Best of luck with the book.

Eileen Parr

RFranzi said...

Thank you.

Jim Skyrms said...


I read the book yesterday and I'm very impressed. Your point is clear and powerful: if you are a business owner or CEO you need to join a CEO Peer Group now.

You explain each of the ten powers clearly, you show why CEOs can't really get the same benefits elsewhere, and-best of all-you give a real-world case studies to illustrate each power.

Great work. I'll be giving this book to every business owner I meet.