Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Wells Fargo Bank is not customer friendly

I have had the misfortune to experience Wells Fargo Bank's "customer service deparments for online banking" during my attempt to resolve an apparent atttempt by a third party to access my online business banking accounts.

If you are a customer of Wells Fargo Bank and have not experienced this process BE THANKFUL, but be aware that it is not designed to help you the customer. It is designed to protect Wells Fargo Bank.

Well I am sure the employees are well intended people, the Wells Fargo Bank procedures are so rigid they appear to conspire to create a response system that is non-responsive to their customers' situation.

If I were advising clients who were seeking a banking relationship I could not in good faith recommend Wells Fargo Bank after this recent experience.

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Audrey said...

Sorry to hear about your terrible experience with Wells Fargo, but this is probably common with all the other banks...