Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Hayes Drumwright joins Ric Franzi on Critical Mass: The Radio Show

When Hayes Drumwright accepted the Orange County Business Journal’s Excellence in Entrepreneurship Award earlier this year it was the latest in a string of professional recognition for this local entrepreneur.

Hayes started Trace3 with a $100 and not a single dollar of funding beyond that original $100 has ever been used. Trace is doubling its workforce from 60 to 120 employees from 2009 and 2011.

What is intriguing about the firm Hayes is building is the culture and trust within the Trace3 workforce as evidenced by the less than 7% employee turnover since its inception.

Hayes Drumwright, Founder and CEO of Trace3 is with me today because his firm has demonstrated a track record of positive performance worthy of further discussion.

I have asked Hayes to be my featured guest today in order for, my listening audience, to gain insight into his philosophy about building and leading a team of people to achieve significant results.

Listen live at at 4 pm today!


Ellen said...

Wow, that is incredible. I've actually never heard of Trace3 before but it really does sound amazing. Do you have replays on your website that I can listen to?

srjac said...

This is an another proof that money is always the primary necessity for progressing in any field, man needs to tap his inner reservoir, be tactful and seek employees love and goodwill, luck will creep in money will flow, popularity will grow in a rocketing speed. Its not great to begin but knowing how to sustain.

Hadaris said...

Wow. I cant believe that happened. Your article made me want to use Trace3 myself

Chad said...

Worth mentioning indeed. Such a story of success and good character is a perfect example for all sorts of entrepreneurs. It is always wise to keep a humble heart and treat your employees well no matter how big your company has become.

STEF said...

What an achievement! It just proves that one key to an entrepreneur's success is being good to the employees. Thanks for sharing an inspiring story of a successful entrepreneur.